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Friday - 01 18, 2019

About Us

We are dedicated to selling the best quality transmission at the best price possible. Never will you find poor quality work, or the use of undesirable parts.

Juble Barrett's ASE Certificate for Transmission Repair.

I have been certified by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence. Click here or on the image to enlarge.

The Transmission Garage started in my sister's garage in 2005. After 1 year we were fortunate enough to move to a real location. After being located in the current facilities for another year, we now have all the capabilities neccesary to provide installs and diagnostics.

The ability to expand can be attributed to my vision to sell a good product at a good price. Also the ability to limit the amount of cost, by delivering reliable transmissions.

The purpose of using new converters, clutches, seals, and bushings in every single unit is to build a reputation for reliability. This makes sense, but often the greed factor overcomes this. "Big jackpot now" without buying necessary parts is the driving force behind most repair shops. Patience and persistence combined with my vision will be more profitable in my opinion.

May 21, 2008 Update , we have moved in to our new 3000 square foot shop located behind Wal-Mart on I-240. We now have office space greater than our first establishment.

Our Team
  • Juble Barrett, Owner
  • Carmen Holguin, Secretary
  • Barbara Barrett, Transportation
  • Skip Nosbit, Assistant
  • Sabrina Barrett, Sales
Front door of the Transmission Garage. Please use the back door by the garage door to enter.

Please use the back door by the garage door to enter and not the front door.

Work benches at the Transmission Garage. Juble operating automotive lifts at the Transmission Garage. Transmission Garage owner Juble Barrett cleaning transmission parts.

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